Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service

This page will provide you the terms and conditions regarding the use of Lease a Seo Website and its services. Read this page carefully before submitting your enquiry form. Submission of the form or the act of hiring any resource from Lease a Seo means that the client agrees to accept the conditions and terms in this page. If you do not accept the terms and services provided, you should not continue any use of this service.

This website has the copyright of Lease a Seo. Reproduction of any form without permission is prohibited.

Lease a Seo provides efficient and quality Seo services to a lot of businesses around the world. Client satisfaction has always been our top priority. We aim to give only world class services.

We would like to thank the 5000+ clients who have trusted us. We also thank and appreciate sincerely the team for fulfilling all the promises that Lease a Seo have made.

Fees and Payments

A. An email will be sent from Lease a Seo containing invoice and detailed time logs concerning all the works done by each resource. If you have any suggestions, corrections and adjustments to be done regarding the hours worked then you should send them in writing within three days.

B. Lease a Seo can change terms of assignments with 60 days written notice given to the customer.

C. Lease a Seo can lower their fees proportionately if the number of days worked is less than the agreed output.

Term and Termination

A. The customer can end this agreement at any time as long as all assignments that have been terminated and other outstanding accounts are paid in full.

B. Lease a Seo can also terminate this agreement on the following basis:

C. Lease a Seo will stop charging the customer after termination of this agreement. Unless specified in writing, the customer will not receive any refund or reimbursements. If the termination is sue to customer default, then the customer should be the one to shoulder all the costs of termination. Upon termination, Lease a Seo can delete all information related to the customer on the Lease a Seo tools.

Confidential and propriety information

A.Confidentiality should be observed by all parties involved except as required by this agreement. However, both parties will not be prohibited from using the information in cases that



Each party should remunerate and hold harmless the other party in case of any damages, claims, liabilities, expenses and costs incurred as a result to any judgment, claim or settlement arising from the claim. In order to qualify for this defense, the party must:

Warranties and disclaimers

Entire agreement

This agreement will set the entire understanding of the parties regarding the subject matter and may not be modified except when done in a writing that is executed by both parties.

Independent parties

Each party should act as an independent contractor of the other and should not bind the other to any contract. Lease a Seo will be responsible for its income taxes in connection with this agreement and the customer should be responsible for sales.

Non-solicicitation of personnel

During the agreement term and one year after, customer should not directly or indirectly solicit the employees or contractors of Lease a Seo without the written consent of Lease a Seo


Neither party should have the right to assign this agreement to another party except when Lease a Seo assigns its rights and obligations to a successor to substantiate all relevant business and assets.

Governing Law

This contract and other disputes arising under it will be governed by the laws of the State of West Bengal, India without any regards to the principles when it comes to conflicts of laws.

Agreement to be bound

By getting Lease Seo services through the Lease a Seo online signup process and by using the services provided by this agreement, customer acknowledges that he has read and agreed to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Force majeure

Neither party should undertake any responsibility if it is prevented from performing its obligations due to sickness, death, accidents, or other cause that was beyond the control of such party that takes place to its employees.