Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Disclaimer Policy

Lease a Seo website can possibly have typographical errors and other inconsistencies just like other websites. The website can be subject to change and may be updated without further notice.

Lease a Seo will not be liable for any unruly acts that would cause any harm to you or your business which may take place over and above the agreements stated in the contract.

Lease a Seo will not be responsible for any loss or damage that arises from negligence of the contracting parties. It should not also be responsible for any claims to you or a third party relating to products and services from a third party.

Also, as a contracted party, you should waive your rights to any claims that you may have with Lease a Seo when it comes to third party products and services asr regarded by the law.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance and great value to us. Leasing, selling, sharing and disclosing of your personal information are out of the question. Your personal information shall be kept confidential at all times.

Whatever information provided to Lease a Seo will be properly taken cared of. These information will be only be used as you consented. Using of this information for other purposes which you did not permit will never be done. Should questions about the private policy of this website arise, please do e-mail us and we will answer it with promptness.

Resale or disclosure of information to third parties Personal information collected in Lease a Seo such as contact forms, download requests or e-mail list will not be sold, leased, traded, or loaned.