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Our team at Lease-a-seo.com is comprised of over 60+ highly skilled and experienced professionals specializing in search engine optmization, direct online marketing, copy writing, article creation, and much more. Our team consists of journalists, editors, world class SEO experts, and very hard-working virtual personal assistants whose primary focus is client/customer satisfaction.

Our Company

Our #1 priority at Lease-a-seo.com is to help strart-ups to small, medium, and large companies increase profits and maximize their returns on investment while growing their business and building an online presence. In todays economy we understand that every dollar counts and there is little to no room for error to not only survive in the business world but to turn a substancial profit and grow. We have succesfully marketed online and ranked well over 300 client websites on page one of Google over the past 2 years with close to 90% of which achieved first page rankings with in the first 30-60 days or less. If you have been looking to get your website to page one quickly and cost effectively, you have come to the right place.


If you would like to learn more about our services and/or what we can do for you please fill out our contact us form and one of our account executives will reach you as soon as possible. If there is anything we can do for you we will be happy to help in any way we can.


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Client Reviews
  • I have to say I was skeptical before using your services for our company. I actually found out about your company through a retired 29 year old next door neighbor! I asked him what he did for a living and he said nothing he owns multiple automated affiliate sites and told me your company played a crucial role in his success of reaching early retirement. Thats when i decided to give you guys a call. Anyway, the point is, it has been almost three months since the company I work for has been using your "Premium Plan" for SEO services and we are now ranking in the top 5 for 6 of our keywords. In the 27 days so far we have been on page one for our targeted keywords the company has netted $8,000! I have to say that everyone here at the office is more than impressed. I still dont know if i want to tell too many people about this or just keep this to myself, lol. GREAT WORK FELLAS! - Harold M.


  • Hello again, I just wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work. We never expected we would be able to get to page one at all, let alone do it in 1.5 months time! Your team does amazing work and you are by far the best company we have worked with when it comes to search engine optmization. Great communication and rock solid results, I will be recommending your services to my collegues. - Susan B.


  • Fellow Webmasters, I was referred to Jest’s Lease-A-Seo.com business by a fellow webmaster who said he thought he was on to something. My colleague placed 2 orders with Jest and within 3 weeks was boosted from #3 in Google to #1. That was it for me, I had to give this service a go. Of course I was reluctant, I had used many “Outsourced” SEO services and didn’t really see the results I was paying for, noone that would stand by their work. However after the success my colleague had I was willing to give it a go. I took Jest’s “hosted content package” for $399 and within 24 hours the work was completed. I was sent a full report of the work completed which I went through and manually checked, it was as they said it would be. I then played the waiting game as I waited for Google to re-index my site, bang, from #8 to #3! I was hooked. This service actually works. I thought if I went from #8 to #3 that surely next time I would have a good chance of going from #3 to #1. So I paid Lease-A-Seo.com a further $399 and waited again. 3 weeks later, bang, I was #1 for a very super competitive finance product. Day to day, I buy domain names, usually to flip, but sometimes if I can build a lead generation model I will build a site, the first thing I do now is pay my $399 to Jest each time I build a new site, it almost every time guarantees me a page one result on Google on first index for the search term I ask Lease-A-Seo to focus on. My name is Shaun McGowan and if you would like to shoot me an email to learn more about my experiences you can contact me on mcgowanshaun at gmail dot com. I have absolute faith and belief in the service that Lease-A-SEO offers as I have seen the results. Stop wasting time with other outsourced solutions and give these guys a go, you wont regret it.


  • You guys are a 5 Star Company! My project was completed ahead of schedule, all the links were there and live. For the first time in 6 months of building links with other SEO companies relentlessly trying to get to page one, we used your service customized to our website's needs and we are now page one position 8 for our targeted keyword, and you did it in 2 weeks! Thanks Aaron and your team. - Ken H.